Sep 20, 2007

Today's Email - life changes ahead?

Have you ever had a day when luck was on your side? Evidently, today is my day. Yessirree Bob.. it's a lucky day in the Johnson house. How lucky can one person be in one single day? Well just take a look at my email --
Today I am told I am lucky enough to be randomly chosen to share $8.2M that a wonderful Saudi Arabian gentleman left in his estate and meant for charity but David Truex has generously decided to share with me (if only I supply him with my banking information...)
Today PayPal email tells me I've received a $1000+ payment for an Ebay sale I never made... boy, talk about lucky on that one. I'm one click away from confirming that payment.
Today Barclays Premiership Online Email Draw drew MY ticket (which I never even knew about) and yessiree I've won 750,000 GB Pounds. More bank information necessary, but hey... how else will they get it to me?
Now what will I do with all this newfound money? Well, maybe I'll take advantage of the gentleman who generously wishes to quickly dispose of land in Costa Rica for just pennies on the dollar. I'm not sure how he heard about me, but there he is, just when I have allllll this money to invest!
Of course, now the FOUR emails that confirm I've applied for second mortgages are now out of luck... I don't need a second mortgage with my million$.
And, I could undoubtedly DOUBLE my millions by playing at any of the SIX emails I got for online casinos....
Won't my husband be happy when he gets home and I tell him how our life has changed by just a few emails....  Maybe he'll want to get lucky too and buy some of those pharmaceuticals I've been offered in EIGHT emails this morning!

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