Sep 29, 2007

Starting off my day with a smile

Jeff got up early and went out to a few yard sales, but I needed to catch up on some sleep, so decided not to go with him. I got up around 7:30, and was in the bathroom when I heard the phone ring. I answered it, and got no response, but I could tell someone was on the other hand. I said, "Hello?" response. I then heard banging around in the background and thought it might be my daughter washing dishes.. so I said, "Hello?" again... and got this little voice that said...
LOL! My grandson cannot say "Gramma" and when he tries, the word comes out "Momma". I believe this morning he was surprised to hear me and turned to his mother to say "Hey, I got Gramma on the phone!" 
I haven't stopped smiling yet.

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