Sep 10, 2007

Monday's To Do List - Long!

Jeff's gone back to work today after being off for two weeks (one for business travel, one on vacation). I can't believe how quick that last week went. My To Do List today is all about playing catch-up. I always do minimal housework when he's home, so I've got lots to do today! Today's To Do List
  • Clean upstairs bathrooms - done
  • Vac upstairs
  • Change master bedroom sheets - done
  • 2 loads of laundry - plus sheets - done
  • Good all-over pick up downstairs - done
  • Dishes away - done
  • Clean kitchen - done
  • Sweep kitchen - done
  • Empty kitchen trash - done
  • Water plants - done
  • Dust master bedroom - done
  • Cook breakfast for Jeff - done
  • Pack Jeff's lunch - done
  • Take meat out of freezer for dinner - done
  • Take roaster chicken out of freezer for tomorrow - done

I'm gone for the day on both Tuesday and Thursday (to a quilt Shop Hop), and have Brayden on Wed. and Friday, so today is really the only day to get all this done. I probably should also vac the downstairs, but we'll see how much time I have.

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