Sep 27, 2007

Court Won't Declare Chimp a Person Sep 27, 9:01 AM (ET)By WILLIAM J. KOLE VIENNA, Austria (AP) - He's now got a human name - Matthew Hiasl Pan - but he's having trouble getting his day in court. Animal rights activists campaigning to get Pan, a 26-year-old chimpanzee, legally declared a person vowed Thursday to take their challenge to Austria's Supreme Court after a lower court threw out their latest appeal. A provincial judge in the city of Wiener Neustadt dismissed the case earlier this week, ruling that the Vienna-based Association Against Animal Factories had no legal standing to argue on the chimp's behalf. My comment: Lucky for some that the courts can't reverse it and give some people the same status as chimps... For one person I know in particular, it would be a step up in the world.

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