Aug 28, 2007

Shopping soothes the soul - now and then

Finally got out of the house today and in my car for just a mini-road trip. Took friend Lynn down to Reading, OH to The Glass Barn -- an amazing hole-in-the-wall discount store that sometimes has great things, sometimes not. Today was a NOT. I did get two rolls of Mountain Mist quilt batting. It's polyester but that's just fine for baby quilts. It was also king size, and I can usually get 4 baby quilts out of one king size roll. At $4.99 a package, that will work out to just $1.25 for batting per baby quilt. Nothing wrong with that! I actually went to buy four or six new coffee mugs for the kitchen, but couldn't find what I wanted. I want just the right mug with just the right color in just the right size. Difficult to find. I came close -- I did come home with two great mugs, but the color is wrong for hanging in the kitchen. But size-wise and shape-wise they're perfect. We stopped at a thrift store just to see what we could see. Lynn found a delightful little tote bag/back pack done in very bright colors, with an applique Mexican motif with what I think is a llama, cactus, sun, trees and a little female doll in costume. I have no need for a bag like this, but I'm thinking it might be gorgeous to cut out this applique and use it as a center of a child's quilt. I'll take a picture of it when I get my camera back. (Jeff has taken the camera to MA with him.) I also picked up a yard of bright border fabric (.50) and two books for Brayden (.25 each). We went to lunch at the Red Squirrel on Rt 42 and Hauck Road. I normally love the Red Squirrel's food but ordered the chicken salad and it was typical made-ahead more-may0-than-chicken and too sweet. Fries were good tho. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate my sandwich a 3 and the fries a 7. Also, $10.45 for a chicken salad sandwich and drink seems a bit much! It's now 3pm and I haven't yet decided what to do with the rest of my day. Jeff called this morning and sounds like he's working hard. He did get time with our friends Paul and Jean in Maine yesterday, ate fresh caught lobster while sitting on Paul's dock, and then went out for a night sail. He sounded tired this morning, and was running late for his next vendor visit, but I could tell he had a great time. I miss him A LOT and am having a real hard time falling asleep at night without him there! LOL! Who knew?!?

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